Anon is an elitist asshole. Literally sounds like a prissy stereotype. You fab.

aw thank you! <3

You need to learn how to pose, like the 3/4 view makes it look like your face is melting. And work on your makeup, I hope you're NOT trying to look 10 years older when wearing lolita.

I’ll admit I’m not good at posing and makeup, but wow really 10 years?

Paracon this weekend. I wore my Flame Princess (first time!) and Lolita (first time wearing this skirt and wig!).

woah dude do you live in mobile?? I saw your submission from mobicon on fyeahnerdylolitas. I'm a lolita that lives in mobile:D

No I live in ft Walton, but my boyfriend lives in Pensacola.

Miruku bunny girl costume Mobicon

Stocking - Panty and Stocking
I wore this to Olive Garden and some random person paid for my meal and left me that note.

Vanellope Lolita Mobicon

Biblo lolita photoshoot with Kungfufish Photos at Momocon

what to post?
what pics should I post on here?
my tumblr
I know I named myself themed lolita, but it's not all I am posting on here. I also know that some of my lolita themed things may be more costume than lolita though most of the time I try to make them fit into lolita guidelines. I mostly wear them to cons or movie premieres where they are appricated and help me to balance the whole wearing lolita and cosplay as well as wearing something different from everyone else from both. I do not wear them all the time or even to lolita meetups usually as they tend to be more on the casual side.